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How to Save Money on a Theatre Break in London

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Have you ever seen those special offers in the back of newspapers, or on social networks that offer you a set price for a trip to London? They include tickets to a show, transport and a room at a hotel. If you have ever seen them then you will know that they are very tempting and they seem too good to be true. Whilst they are good offers, you can get the same package for a lot cheaper if you book your own. Transport The thing about the offers is that they do include transport, but it is not the transport . method that you are probably expecting. A lot of people will expect to travel to London by train these days. It is quick and on a lot of routes, you can get to London without stopping and changing trains. However, with these so-called special offers, your transport will be by bus and it can take hours to get to London. They do have train tickets but you have to upgrade and pay extra for them, and the supplement cost is not cheap. Therefore, you can get train tickets a lot cheaper if you book the train tickets yourself. You just have to find the website for the train company and book them online. Ticket companies have their tickets online a few months early. Some have them available 3 months early. Furthermore, when you book the tickets early, you can save a lot of money on the tickets, with economy tickets being less than £30 for a return ticket, depending where you are in the country. Tickets You might think that you won't be able to get tickets to plays without buying the package deal, but that would be a false assumption. You can get tickets on specialist websites and some of them offer tickets at reduced prices. If you aren't sure what show that you want to see, you can wait until you are actually in London and go to a ticket booth to buy the tickets. These booths are located all over London, with the most popular one being in Leicester Square. Sometimes you will get cheaper tickets from these booths and sometimes you will have to pay over the odds, it all depends on the show that you want to see. For more popular shows, you will have to go into a lottery to see if you can get tickets. If all else fails, you can just go to the theatre itself and see it there are any tickets left at the box office. Depending on the show, the box office might have sold out though. Hotels Now with the ticket packages, you can get a nice hotel, but it will be in the middle of nowhere. You would have to be very lucky to get a hotel that is in the middle of all the tourist attractions. So, you will be better off finding a hotel yourself and booking one in the middle of town. That way you will save money on the cost of trains in and out of London. If you book the hotel yourself, you will probably find a cheaper hotel that is in the middle of all the tourist attraction. Just don't restrict yourself to 4-star hotels because they are very expensive. 2-star hotels and even hostels will offer you amazing value for money on accommodation that is in the middle of London. HostelBookNow was created with the aim to make it easier for people to book their hostels online. This means they don't have to bother with contacting travel agents by phone. The company was created in 2013 and they don't charge their customers for the use of their service. So there are no booking or service charges. They offer a service guarantee, so they always offer the best deals. Their service is based online, but they are based in London and they can be contacted via their customer service email address. They offer services for the individual traveller, as well as people who travel in groups, or students travelling to London. You can visit their website.