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Texas Hold Em – Bankroll Management

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Many very good poker players cannot afford their dollars. Some players waste their money gaming on alternative tasks by which they do not need the same advantage they do in poker. Other players dismiss their winnings all playing where their bankroll allows. Bankroll management is a concept which helps restrict the latter.

A traditional perspective on bankroll management, dictates you want to have at least 30 buy-ins for  di the game of choice. So at NL50, you’d wish to have $1,500 in the bank, also in NL2000 you’d want $60,000. Moderate perspective is 20-25 buy-ins. The best you’d like to take a shot at is 1-5, however, your risk is extremely high here. No one wants to reduce their buyin once they are over their heads in skill and money. If you’re a new player, multi-table alot, play with 6max, or play with a really LAG (Loose Aggressive) game, the number of buy-ins should be higher, not lower.

Another tip, do not play with scared money. Do not buy into a game at which you are involved you are likely to get killed in. Or you that is a bet way above your bankroll just to have a quick win. Do not sit down at a desk with the minimum buyin while scared, believing this may minimize your risk. You will be playing with players a lot better than you are utilized to and bets you have very little experience in.

In addition, do not play rent money, or money for school, or perhaps a payment. This is very similar to fearful money. Your play will probably be worse as more is riding on it. Play in a game in which you lose, it does not matter. Possessing financial’invulnerability’ can turn you into a fearless player, and a much improved player.

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